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Help Center – FAQ's

Registration and account activation

  • 1. How can I register / login to myPAT?
    • Step 1: Open Click “Register” from menu on top. A Sign-up page will open.
    • Step 2: Click “I am a Student”.
    • Step 3: Fill in your mail id and preferred password and click “Register”. An ID creation page will open.
    • Step 4: Fill in your details and enter your mobile number and click “Get Code”.
    • Step 5: You should receive an OTP code on the entered mobile number. Enter this code received on mobile and click “Next”. A personal details page will open up. Incase you do not get this OTP, contact myPAT support at +919599295807/808 before proceeding. You may also use the Zopim chat at the bottom right of the home page.
    • Step 6: Fill in your personal details in the next page and click “Next”.
    • Step 7: Please submit your Enrolment number and Web Access Code to activate products in your account.
    • Step 8: You will receive a verification email on the entered email ID. Now go to your mail account for myPAT account verification.
    • Step 9: Logout and Re-login into myPAT account. Go to Dashboard.
    • Step 10: Congratulations! Your account is successfully activated and OTS products are ready to use in your account.
  • 2. I completed my registration, what do I need to do now?
    Once you are registered, you can access your Dashboard where you can view your Product, schedule and syllabus and attempt your exam and prepare accordingly.
  • 3. How do I retrieve my password, in case I forget it?
    Click on I forgot my Password and you will receive your user details on your registered email ID.
  • 4. What is web access code and how will I get it?
    At the time of registration with FIITJEE, you will be receiving your enrollment no. and web access code which can be used to avail your product on myPAT. In case you do not locate it; you may get in touch with your respective FIITJEE Centre.
  • 5. I am a FIITJEE student. How long will it take to activate my account?
    In order to activate your account, click on the verification link received on your email ID and your account will be immediately set up.
  • 6. I left my registration last time due to unavailability of web access code? Should I register again?
    You are required to simply login with your set password & you will be directed on the last visited page.
  • 7. How is a FIITJEE student benefitted as compared to non FIITJEE student on myPAT?
    FIITJEE students are provided with enrollment no: and web access code after their registration in any FIITJEE centre across India, which further gives them access to avail myPAT online tests.
  • 8. Do I need to create another account if I forget to mention my FIITJEE details in myPAT account?
    No, you would not be required to create another account. Please add your details in your existing profile.

    View Dashboard > My Profile > Profile > Edit Profile>check on I am a FIITJEE Student > Provide your
    details here
  • 9. My Captcha Code is not getting accepted and says it is invalid?
    Please refresh the Captcha Code to receive the new code.
  • 10. During registration, my School name is counted as invalid?
    At the time of registration, please avoid using any special characters and use alphabets only.
  • 11. When I try to attempt exam, it asks me to activate my product or purchase?
    If you are a FIITJEE student, you need to add your enrollment no. and web access code to activate your respective product. In case you are a non FIITJEE student, you need to purchase a desired product.

Eligibility to use myPAT

  • 1. I am a non FIITJEE student. Can I avail myPAT services?
    myPAT online test series are available to both FIITJEE and non – FIITJEE students. FIITJEE students can register by providing their enrollment no. and web access code whereas Non FIITJEE students are advised to register on myPAT and will get notified about the opening of the payment gateway.
  • 2. What are the advantages for FIITJEE students?
    All FIITJEE students get the opportunity to avail Free Combo Product which comprises of all test series relevant for their Target Exam.
  • 3. What facilities can I avail without buying a product?
    Even if you are not buying a product, after you register, you will be able to get Sample Test and Diagnostic Test, where in the latter, you get a view of the analytics on myPAT.
  • 4. What facilities can I avail after buying the product?
    Once you buy the product, you get to attempt the Main Target Exam and get a holistic view of the analytics that reveals your current exam standing amongst other myPAT peers.

Exams on myPAT

  • 1. I want to first try a test before registering. Is it possible?
    Yes you can attempt a test on myPAT without registering. A Sample Test is been provided to you in the homepage section.
  • 2. What are the types of tests available on myPAT?
    There are four types of test:
    • Sample Test
    • Diagnostic Test
    • Concept proficiency Test
    • Main Test - Full Length and Part Test
  • 3. How can I start taking tests on myPAT?
    It is advisable that you first attempt the free sample test to get a flavor of how the tests are taken. In order to have thorough subject knowledge, you can attempt the Diagnostic Test and then Concept Test. Once you are confident and have gained self-belief by finishing your tests in time, you can attempt the Main Test – Full Length and Part Test to assess your standing amongst other myPAT peers.
  • 4. What is the difference between Free Sample test & Diagnostic test?
    Free Sample test can be given by registered as well as non -registered users but only registered users can give the Diagnostic test.
  • 5. Is it necessary to attempt the exam on the scheduled date?
    Schedule date means that the exam will go LIVE on that particular date on myPAT. You can attempt the test on the portal, any day, anytime according to your preparation.
  • 6. Can I take the same test twice?
    In the learning mode, you can practice the tests available as many times as you want. This would not bring any change in the analytics generated in the Main Target Exam.
  • 7. Where can I find chapter wise test?
    Chapter wise tests are available under Concept Proficiency Tests.
    View Dashboard > Exam > Concept Proficiency
  • 8. And why are they are showing “coming soon”?
    Few tests are not yet uploaded and hence are reflected as “Coming Soon” in the portal. They will be available soon.
  • 9. How to attempt Diagnostic tests?
    For giving the Diagnostic test, go to:
    Dashboard > click 'Diagnostic Test' > choose your target exam & attempt the test from there
  • 10. How to attempt Concept tests?
    For giving the Concept test, go to your Dashboard > click ‘Exam’ > click 'Concept Proficiency’> choose 
    your target exam & attempt the test from there.
  • 11. How to attempt the Main Test?
    For giving the main exam/test, go to your Dashboard > click 'Exams' > click 'Target Exam> choose your 
    target exam & attempt the test from there.

Product and Prices

  • 1. How to buy a product?
    • Step 1- Click ‘Product Manager’ button
    • Step 2- Click ‘All Products’ button
    • Step 3- Buy a product
  • 2. How much will I have to pay for myPAT online tests?
    You can locate the prices of myPAT products (for your respective target exams) on Product Manager.
    Product Manager > Choose All Products on the dashboard (accessible post registration). 

Dashboard Dynamics

  • 1. What is Learning Mode & Test Mode?
    • Test Mode - This mode is a simulated test environment similar to the actual exam to gauge the candidate’s preparedness. Your first attempt will be on test mode and your analytics will be generated under this mode.
    • Learning Mode - You can re-attempt the paper as many a time in this mode. The analytics will not be effected basis the no: of re-attempts you make.
  • 2. What is meant by success index?
    The success index depicts your chances of succeeding in your target examination, provided you consistently keep on working hard and intelligently follow the recommendations provided by myPAT.
  • 3. What is Performance Index?
    Performance index takes into account your daily and cumulative performance along with the consistency of your performance and what your score could have been without the negative loss. When the performance index is taken into account with the indices for grades, temperament and relative standing, it is formulated to produce your success index.
  • 4. What is Coverage Index?
    Coverage index lists analytically on a scale of one hundred, the scope of syllabus completed till date, when observed against the backdrop of the total planned and/or encountered concepts.
  • 5. What is Scope of Improvement?
    Scope of Improvement gives you:
    • The ability to judge smartly during the pressure of the exam
    • The detailed feedback at the very onset of your preparation
    • The track your loss and guide you where to put in efforts
  • 6. What is analytics and when does it get generated?
    With the aim of enabling a Student learn how to learn, myPAT focuses on actionable analytics using intelligent data metrics to review a Students performance. By bifurcating the tests into learn mode and test mode, the portal provides learning through assessments, extensive analysis and identification of improvement areas through graphical illustrations that highlight the performance parameters in an intelligent fashion amongst the largest peer group. The personalized feedback on one’s performance makes them witness fine details of what marks one gained and lost in all subjects. Once you complete and submit the Main Target Exam, your analytics will get generated.
  • 7. How will I keep a check upon my progress?
    You will get the cumulative analysis under the ‘Analytics’ section on your dashboard.
  • 8. Does myPAT allow other myPAT peers to view my scores?
    The analytics on myPAT allows you to understand the maximum marks, minimum marks and your marks obtained. If you are a top scorer in your respective Target Exam, your name and image will be flashed on the top scorer section of the dashboard. We would soon begin to share progress reports made available to parents.
  • 9. Does myPAT show All India Rank and where I can see maximum score holder?
    myPAT reveals your standing amongst the pool of students on myPAT only. Under your analytics, you get to see the maximum and minimum score holders and your current standing amongst them.
  • 10. As I attempt a test, what if I am unable to answer a question for more than 15 minutes?
    You are required to complete your respective exam as per the time mentioned. It is advised that you switch to the next question immediately if you are unable to answer a particular question. Our portals functions allow you to resume to the question that may seem difficult to you.

Network Support / Availability of Support Team

  • 1. What is the minimum internet speed required to run myPAT smoothly?
    We would recommend having a minimum speed of 1 MBPS to run myPAT smoothly.
  • 2. In case I am unable to attempt a test due to a bad internet connection, what do I do?
    We suggest you to attempt the test later, in case you are experiencing a bad internet connection or a bad network from your end. Your efforts will not generate the analytics until you submit the test successfully.
  • 3. Till what time is myPAT support team available?
    myPAT support team is available 7 days through chat and email from 9.30am – 7.30pm. You can also reach them at +919599295808 and +919599295807 or email at
  • 4. Which internet browser is the best to run myPAT?
    The website is best experienced on the following version (or higher) of Chrome 31, Firefox 26, Safari 6 and Internet Explorer 9 browsers.
  • 5. I am travelling abroad in some days. Will I be able to access myPAT from any other country?
    Yes, you can access the test papers from anywhere across the globe.

Is myPAT the right learning platform for me?

  • 1. Who are the faculty/ teachers framing the practice tests for myPAT?
    Test papers and world class content on myPAT have been designed by FIITJEE and USAUnivQuest faculty with strong subject matter expertise in the field of JEE, SAT, BITSAT and NTSE.
  • 2. Can I discuss my answers with FIITJEE faculty on myPAT?
    You can discuss your answers / share suggestions for a particular question on the Discussion Forum with myPAT toppers and peers on myPAT.
  • 3. How does myPAT help me prepare better?
    myPAT offers a detailed feedback as you finish attempting the Target Exam and gives you detailed summary of:
    • The time taken
    • Total questions attempted
    • Questions un attempted
    • Correct answers
    • Wrong answers
    • MyPAT test score
    Thus, myPAT can track your performance, analyze your strength and weakness and improves your result using this feedback.
  • 4. How is online test preparation different in myPAT as compared to other online test websites?
    myPAT is a gamified platform that focuses on smart practice with meaningful feedback. It also acts as a mentoring tool in form of discussion forum that enables a student to receive solutions directly from faculty. Apart from online tests, myPAT also focuses on knowledge & application, in-depth analysis, gap identification and remedy to ensure high learning outcome and success in competition examinations.
  • 5. How myPAT is helpful for Parents?
    They can:
    • See their ward’s performance
    • View their ward’s dashboard
    • Analyze their ward’s report
    • See their ward’s annual study planner
    • Get the latest notifications of the upcoming exams
  • 6. How myPAT is helpful for Teachers?
    They can:
    • Have access to the question bank
    • Have the freedom to create questions
    • Read the notes
    • Analyze the student’s cumulative performance
    • Have access to the teacher leader board
    • Resolve students’ problems through counseling
    • Provide their self-paced material to the students
  • 7. Does myPAT allow other myPAT peers to view my scores?
    The analytics on myPAT allows you to understand the maximum marks, minimum marks and your marks obtained. If you are a top scorer in your respective Target Exam, your name and image will be flashed on the top scorer section of the dashboard. We would soon begin to share progress reports made available to parents.
  • 8. I know more than one way of solving a question. How can I share it on myPAT?
    It is wonderful if you know more than one way of solving a question. Through Discussion Forum you can share your views of solving questions. The discussion forum can be accessed after you finish attempting Target Exam and go back on the same exam to view solutions.
  • 9. Does myPAT offer any crash courses or online lectures?
    Learning tools through video lectures will be provided on the portal very soon.
  • 10. Can I download myPAT tests to refer in future?
    myPAT does not permit you to download questions / test papers. You need to attempt them online which would generate the analytics for you – which otherwise you would not get had the tests were made downloadable.