5 Reasons for Failing in IITJEE

5 reasons for failing in IITJEE

1.     No Planning:

Just as the quote goes – “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. When it comes to such a crucial stage as clearing IITJEE, we cannot afford to take risks by not planning. A well thought-after strategy is a must to overcome that. Planning should encompass every aspect in the preparation for the competitive exam. Setting the target, identifying the strong and weak areas, making schedule to study in alignment to these, and corrective measures all constitutes preparation planning.

2.    No Disciplined Routine:

Failure is guaranteed without self-discipline. Discipline is all that matters for achieving any success. You cannot get past IITJEE, even if you have the ample knowledge, got the right aptitude but no disciplined routine. Make a routine to set aside few hours every day for study and stick to that routine with discipline.

3.     No Self-analysis:

On the contrary to the general belief, Ignorance is NOT bliss. Self-analysis is the only way to discover our true potential. As a student, we can improve ourselves by self-analysis at regular intervals. Once we analyse ourselves, we can make better decisions. We become more adept at handling difficult questions. Also, it boots our confidence by being aware of scope for improvement. Clear enough, lack of self-analysis leads to uninformed and ineffective decisions.

4.     No Proper Mentoring:

Though everyone has access to the same resources and knowledge for preparation of IITJEE, only few could succeed. This is not because of dearth of study material, institutes or infrastructure. Rather, proper guidance and mentoring makes or breaks the deal here. We, frequently, face many doubts and queries while preparing which are specific to us. And, we do not have access to personalized resolution of these doubts and queries.

5.     No focus on basics:

Every success is based on a strong foundation of extensive knowledge and understanding of fundamentals. We, on the contrary, ignore this fact and focus on achieving the extraordinary and thus face failure. Once we start working on basics and understanding the fundamentals, it becomes our biggest power. Practicing weak concepts and brushing up other ones regularly helps in developing a positive outlook. It helps in creating a disciplined approach towards hard work.

7 Reasons Why Technology is Important for School Education

7 Reasons why Technology is Important for School EducationFrom being able to see and talk to someone thousands of miles away to be able to catch Pokémons on the go, technology is now an irreplaceable part of our lives. Let’s see how technology can impact learning in schools and why today it is important for school education.

Numerous platforms: We interact with the wide variety of platforms everyday viz. computers, tablets, apps and each one of them offers many advantages in learning. There are apps with which you can learn while playing, watch videos on the desktop and even solve problems with mobile phones while traveling.

Personalized learning: We all know that  different children learn at different pace. With the  advent of technology, education has become accessible at anytime, anywhere, making it convenient to learn at one’s pace and sequence.

Technology in School EducationGlobal collaboration: Earlier, when you wanted to learn something, you had to ask your teachers, but today, these teachers are practically everywhere. If you want to learn, you can watch videos of Stanford professors or ask questions to a wide variety of teachers worldwide in an open forum. Technology has removed any limitations on physical boundaries that used to exist earlier.

Everything on tips: With the advent of cloud computing, there are now many online libraries and online encyclopedia where huge amount of information is available to everyone on the fingertips.

Improved productivity: New and creative ways to write, read, communicate, organize and schedule has improved the productivity of students and teachers. Less time spent on routine tasks gives way to innovative thinking.

Engagement factor: Learning happens best when it is engaging and interactive. Technology enables focused retention and better understanding which makes education a fun activity. The student-teacher relationship grows with increased one on one interaction.

Engagement FactorOnline is the future: Technology has entered every aspect of human life and education is no exception. And next in-thing in school education is online testing. Schools must adapt to online testing to walk hand in hand with global standards. As a package of the multitude of advantages, online testing will soon revolutionize education. Beyond making testing easier and better, instant assessment of students’ performance, result generation in real-time, better tracking and understanding of the students’ grasp of the subjects. myPAT uniquely provides all these features along with facilitating student’s relative standing nationwide.

Career Aspirations: How to decide for USA vs. the Best of India?

When it comes to finally setting an academic platform after a thorough analysis of one’s career aspiration (by blending Persona with Aptitude); the biggest dilemma is to choose the “Areas of Compromise”. The parameters of making choice can be any of the following:

  1. Proximity of the college/university from home
  2. Desired course vis-à-vis one’s budget
  3. Appropriate college/university vis-à-vis one’s area of interest

Compromising on initial choices will not only pull down the extent of success, but also leave scope for disappointment in the journey ahead.

India’s best

If someone can get a career in India which is best mapped with his/her DREAM and PASSION and possibility of admission in such an institution is fairly bright, one must stay in India to pursue such courses.


  • Courses which are not available in India.
  • If one doesn’t have any good career option in India which guarantees a decent training in one’s desired stream.
  • If one can meet up the bare minimum financial supplement in the U.S., one must not think twice before opting for studying in the U.S


Current Status of Student Life in India

It is often seen that any initiative that had been taken for the common welfare of general masses goes for a toss if it does not facilitate a schematic and seamless implementation. The same seems to have happened with the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) by CBSE Board. The foundation of this particular approach was laid to emphasize the need of overall development of child and give the importance to all aspects of student’s persona. But, in haste of introducing such a system, we have landed in a situation where parents are contributing more in terms of putting efforts and investing time rather the student reaping the benefit of experiential learning by doing projects/assignments.

The whole of this idea has further added pressure on the child and has put him/her in a situation to behave like a machine without having any time to sit back and analyse his/her performance.
In such a scenario it becomes extremely difficult for anyone to decide about the possible strengths and skill-sets which would be a definitive career in long run. There seems to be a need of a scientifically designed test/process which can evaluate the PERSONA as well as APTITUDE of a child and map both to pave out some apt and promising career options.

“myPAT” is the answer to all such worries had been undertaken by thousands of students and has proved to be a unique career aspiration assessment tool.

SAT Essays are the easiest…I dare say!


SAT Essay component is probably one of the easiest sections where the student can perfect his/her scores. According to the SAT rubrics, ETS expects the student to present a holistic approach to the given prompt. An overall impression of an essay matters more than minor mistakes (grammatical or logical). Some pro-activeness and little conscious efforts make all the difference.

From a Trainer’s perspective:

  • Handwriting&Indenting do matter. Writing with a pencil makes it even worse. If the writing isn’t legible the examiner might not go into the details, just skim through your Essay, and give average grades. He/she has stacks of essays to check each day and unfortunately, you are just a Roll No. for him/her. Make proper indented paragraphs. This helps your paper look good!
  • Size does make a difference. There is no word-limit, rather just a time-limit. A student is expected to write a persuasive and effective essay in the given time-frame. It is important to have a logical flow and coherence of ideas with suitable examples. To bolster the reason, elaboration and examples are essential ingredients. So, need to write a presentable length so that the reader gets a fair chance to understand student’s point of view.
  • Vocabulary & Lexical Resource can’t be ignored completely. A few selective grandiloquent and esoteric words used sporadically in the essay do appeal to the examiner. Some degree of adoration in language proficiency of the student trickles down and makes the essay quite oratorical.

From an Examiner’s perspective:

  • Address the topic proficiently. This is the most important thing to do as it helps him/her assess if the student has understood the Prompt. This is the first point in the rubric too. The examiner follows the rubrics stringently because there are two graders of the same essay. Any discrepancy may lead to cancellation of his registration as an Essay Grader.
  • Choose examples carefully.Planning always pays. At no point an essay should divulge the personal information of the candidate. Examples can be personalised according to global acceptance of idea but not be too personal. Examples are not fillers, rather they are important to make an essay convincing. A tinge of truthfulness in examples definitely helps.
  • Know the rubrics. This helps in channelizing the ideas in a more efficient manner. Helps a student identify his/her strengths and improve on the weaknesses. Follow the link below to see the SAT Essay rubrics:


The penultimate point is that SAT exam starts with a 25 minute Writing section where only one essay prompt is given. The student has to attempt that as there is no alternative prompt. But one is free to have one’s point of view. So, rather than thinking over what is more correct according to others; one must concentrate over what point of view one has more cogent reasons to talk on. Believe your instincts while planning the outline; you will take less time in reaching your reasons. And finally, Do Not Forget to Revise.

I am in … Close the door

Purnendra Kishore

IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) alumni meet in a metro in India two years back debating about newer IITs – Suddenly number of IITians have multiplied … It dilutes the IIT brand … Should we form another alumni group restricted to older or the more elite IITs to which we belong … We should petition to government against ever expanding number of IITs. Who qualifies for annual meets like PANIIT?

Another set-up, this time an IIM (Indian Institute of Management) get-together being planned. Debates on ever expanding number of courses from IIMs – 2 Years PGDM to 3 Years PGDBM to 1 Year PGP to 1 Year certificate program to few months focused program to MDP. Who should be in and who should be out – claiming to be alumni of IIM. Everyone displays IIM logo on their LinkedIn profile, our differentiation seem to be under threat.


I see the advertisements of many ranked and non-ranked courses of multiple Ivy League institutes – it often includes ‘acquiring alumni status and access to the network’ as part of package on completion of course. It adds to the charm.

I already belong to the club … Filter the entry now … it needs to remain elite club

Context changes, same class :

When you were trying to get into these institutions … would you have preferred the institutions to have more seats or less for student intake … would you have preferred more such institutions in existence or less … your children may go through similar motion – would you prefer more courses, more colleges, more seats so that chance of his/her studying in these institutions is better or otherwise. Answer often would be the option bettering my dear ones’ or my chance … More … More … What if someone closed the gate as you were approaching it … Do you really care for brand dilution or prefer more access?

Students of these institutions contribute rightfully to the country’s economy. They compete with students of institutions of higher education across the globe. Number matters when it comes to building our nation. These institutions are built and run by taxes paid by anybody and everyone. They belong to all. Everyone has a right to quality education. We have begun with few of them building our centres of excellences. It would do wonders if we replicate the standards of institutions as these institutions or better across the country. Does it matter if we replicate the same name across all/many institutions as long as quality is ensured.

If one graduates to the world of start-up, you would come across several institutions like TiE, Indian Angel Network, The Entrepreneurship School etc. set-up and run by early entrants and success icons of entrepreneurship world, working to develop an eco-system which would help new entrants. What if they formed a coterie and created an entry barrier for struggling aspirants of entrepreneurship. What if they adopted the theme … I am in … Close the door

I would cherish to see institutions of quality education come-up all over the country providing better access for all. Do we close the door or stand-up to welcome the newbie …

By Mr. Purnendra Kishore

Being teacher – a profession to be proud of….

Ashish Khare

It had been a great time teaching and servicing students. While we teachers are all in the same boat, taking our beloved students to their desired and deserved destinations, we ourselves are students and are constantly learning and upgrading.

All through my teaching career,I had been wondering and trying to figure out that in the teaching career what is the best way for us to flourish. Is it a race of being a more and more popular teacher day by day or updating knowledge and skills every moment and hence being a correct teacher rather than a popular teacher.

The role of teacher, as best understood by me , is role of a mirror, that shows the correct picture to all students/pupils/followers in such a way that everyone after identifying the problems are more and more enthused to eradicate it, as if it was just a matter of realization. Within our classroom-lectures, questions, conversation etc. we try to directly / indirectly show the real scenario to our students. And simultaneously we ensure that they don’t take it otherwise, rather they seek this as an opportunity to fill the gaps easily and happily.

Ashish Khare

The task apparently might seem to be easy, but to be such a parabolic mirror, which shows the real picture but with all skewed possibilities of quick corrections, demands to have a steep bent in our persona without making it evident to the rest of the world.

While we teachers continue to do the pious job in Teach and Learn mode, I take this opportunity to draw attention of people towards this most rewarding and satisfying career.

Be one of us and feel blessed….


By Mr. Ashish Khare