Is dropping a year a good decision to prepare for IIT JEE?

In numerous circumstances of life, we encounter dilemmas. In the field of study, one of the most daunting questions we hear is whether to Drop out a year for preparation of competitive exams or not. However, this is not the right question. This can be posed as a concern, choice or just a circumstance that we can’t avoid. To find that out we can ponder of the situations leading us to this dilemma. Either failure to clear or a low rank in the exams makes us think dropping as the only way left. However, if we look closely, then also it is only a matter of choice. On the other hand, other situations too exist that make us think about dropping out.

Basically the questions and dilemma should be resolved by counting the pros and cons. Then only both the situations can be evaluated based by logic. Definitely the pro of dropping a year can only be fruitful if we fare well in exams. Else, it kills the purpose at all. Likewise, once we have decided to drop out, the sense of increased tension grows too much, at times, to hinder think freely and prepare with a peaceful mind. Let us list down the possible pros and cons of dropping a year. However, these can be different for each individual subjective to their scenario and priorities.

Pros & Cons of dropping a year
Pros & Cons of dropping a year

Once the pros and cons are listed down, we can weigh them as per our preferences and priorities. Since each one of us has our own strengths and weaknesses. And accordingly, we can decide the weight-age for each pro and con. Refer the below grid to assign the weight-ages. Add the numbers given to pros and cons which are important to you. This will bring out a clear demarcation of the choice prior to you. Let us look at an example below:

Weight-age Pros and Cons
Weight-age Pros and Cons


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