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In the career tug-of-war, where every profession is becoming increasingly specialized, it seems sensible to know where you want to reach. Anyone who is serious about his/her career would already be motivated, hardworking and dedicated for the goal.

As such knowing your ideal career, according to your aptitude and personality will definitely pay off and provide you with the edge you seek. Generally speaking, it would be in that identified area where you have the brightest chance to succeed provided that you have the will.

Every student has different milestone, diverse expertise and varied exams that are either compulsory or optional. So, it becomes important to set an individual career target for each of them. Goal-Setting exercise categorizes these students according to their abilities and time frame they have in hand. It helps these students identify the junctures where they have to pro-actively plan their move for a brighter career than other students who are blindly following the trend and missing some of the ripe opportunities to prune and shape their career.

We initiate an interaction with the student along with his/her parents. We do the profiling of the student according to:

  • Student’s academic excellence,
  • Student as well as parents’ areas of interest,

This helps in:

  • Bringing the student and the parents on the same page by giving them a reality check after a comprehensive discussion and form filling at the center.
  • Matching the expectations of the parents and the student.
  • Planning of preparation to be done towards the targeted tests/exams.
  • Viewing the profile by the experts, as well as reviewing and tweaking the plan wherever needed.
  • Chalking out a well defined career goal and the steps to visualize their dreams into reality.

Aftermaths of the Goal Setting Exercise are the following:

  • To foresee barriers in the trail of the course.
  • To select the right course according to one’s aptitude and personality.
  • To check the combination of SAT Subject Tests and AP.
  • To target universities/colleges as per one’s area of interest, academic profile and budget.
  • To make a robust and feasible study plan.
  • To mull over the projects to be completed.
  • To ruminate over the co-curricular activities to participate.
  • To weigh options for approx. Back-up of funds.