Today is the day we celebrate those who made us stand on the bench, threw us out of the class, didn’t pronounce our name correctly and ruined most of our weekends. (yay?)

But now that we’re older (and wiser maybe…) we’ve learnt to appreciate the Huuuge influence of teachers in our lives.

How many of the following Indian teachers have you had the privilege (or misfortune 😛 ) to study with?

  1. The Clueless Teacher

Such Teaching…Much Wow!

the clueless teacher

The First Crush

The one we still remember <3


  1. The smartest, yet misunderstood

What did he just say?


  1. Every Student’s Nightmare

Changing “Mah lyf mah rulzz” to “My teacher, their rules.” since the 90’s


  1. The Not So Human

The newest and most flexible teacher on the block.


Not so strict and not that misunderstood either, but certainly the most effective teacher you’ll ever meet. Haven’t met him? (you’re seriously missing out!)

P.S: Written solely to entertain the student community and celebrate our dear mentors this Teachers Day 🙂

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