Ours is a country that accounts for 2.4% of the world area and 16.9% of the world population. Perhaps, the scarcity of resources and fierce competition for sustenance makes India’s educational setup primitive and grading system hostile making the competition in our country the toughest around the world. Having its own pros and cons, or education system harbours one of the most competitive brains in the world.

Being the most popular avenue for skilled workforce around the world, Indian society holds professions like engineering and medicines in high esteem. IITs, IIMs, and medical colleges are therefore the most sought after institutions. Gaining entry into the likes of IITs and IIMs has time and again been proven to be tougher than the best institutes worldwide.

Almost every student is fascinated by the likes of IITs but is often unaware of what it takes to gain entry into these institutions of repute. Irrespective of one’s ambitions, it is very important for a student to be on the right track in order to realise his/her potential, their dreams, and the difference between the two. After finishing the high school, choosing the stream and subjects best suited to your innate interests and capabilities is very important. Here are few steps you should undertake to make the right decision.

  1. Self-Analysis

Self-analysis, when done properly, is a very strong tool that can help you realise your dreams and potential to motivate you accordingly. If you wish to make it to the likes to IITs, IIITs or the top NITs, self-analysis is very important.

A lot of students end up wasting money and valuable time at tuitions and coaching institutes as their goal is unclear. You should analyse yourself, your strengths and weaknesses to first assess whether you can manage to take the brunt of both school and competitive exams.

  1. Discussion with parents/mentors

Parents, elder siblings, teachers or mentors have a very good understanding of your capabilities and strengths. Therefore, you should take the inputs of knowledgeable people who can better guide you or motivate you.

Not every student can excel in all subjects. Therefore, it is very important to consult with others to decide whether your strengths make you fit for JEE preparation. Many students study other streams and utilise their talent more optimally in other careers.

  1. Counselling

Due to rapid changes in technology, the job industry is evolving at a very high rate. There are many emerging career streams that have very bright futures and counselling can give you thorough insights into these.

As making into IITs is not easy and 96% applicants do not get through the JEE, proper counselling can ease the process contingency planning.

  1. Employability in future

As the job markets keep continually evolving with new technologies, it is very important for you to consider the future employability options of the course or study stream that you are planning to pursue.

Therefore, for students finishing their high school, these steps should be followed to choose the stream and the subjects.

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