The primary factors that differentiate JEE Advanced from JEE Main are that the former is contested by serious aspirants only. JEE Advanced, therefore, is tougher and witnesses more competition. Apart from strong concepts, it is very important to understand that a good strategy is required for acing JEE Advanced. Especially when the exam has been made online completely, the aspirants need to make sure to not lose out to the new pattern. It is important for the aspirant to be able to understand his/her current standing in various concepts and minimize the mistakes. This practice is important for an aspirant to minimise the penalty of negative scores in case of incorrect answers. Read more on our blog titled: Unlock More Marks – Go Online -1 mark.

We have discussed in our previous article Online JEE 2018: How to Study that students need to make learn to perform online. In this blog, we would discuss the most frequently made mistakes and how students can tackle those.

  • Failing to perform in all subjects

As the JEE consists of Physics, Chemistry, and Math with equal weightage to all three, the students need to balance their preparations in such a way that they score well in all the subjects. A large number of students fail to qualify JEE despite scoring high as they fail to score in one subject. Thus, if you are serious about scoring well in JEE, you need to balance your preparation to perform in all the topics.

  • Improper Concept-Gap Analysis

JEE has questions from all the chapters and topics which give students an opportunity to perform well as well as lose out marks. Students who are well-aware of their strengths and weakness can capitalize on former and prevent loss of marks in the latter. This can significantly improve the score of students and improve their ranks.

  • Lack of speed, exam practice, and temperament

Exam readiness needs to be honed through timed rehearsals and practice. Maintaining concentration and stamina for a long time is very important and not having the same leads to mistakes and loss of marks. JEE Advanced is online now and computer based tests can make students anxious if there is a temporary failure in network or computer browser or other hardware. Thus, students are required to do ample practice in advance and hold their nerves in such contingencies, students should realize that these tests are fool proof and no loss of score or marks occurs. But, if students get nervous, they are likely to commit mistakes.

  • Not Using Analytics

It is of utmost importance to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can strategize your test taking strategy and preparation accordingly. The analysis done by peers or teachers are prone to human errors as these are based on intuition wherein students do not get correct feedback and analysis. On the other hand, the performance analysis done through online analytics elaborates the various aspects of your performance and help you realize which concepts to focus.

  • Lack of Mocks or simulated tests

Timed rehearsal is important for both the exams. You should practice pattern specific mock tests online so that you are well acquainted with the pattern. This is important for the student to build the right temperament for JEE Advanced. Read more on our blog titled JEE preparation through online learning.

How to prepare for the Online JEE 2018

To equip yourself for online JEE, right examination preparation strategy means solid concepts as well as exam readiness. While hard-work and dedication are the recipes for good concepts, smart work is the key for exam readiness. It is important to take mock tests seriously and practice on simulated JEE-like conditions. You need to practice each concept specifically as well as full-tests for comprehensive planning and it should be done preferably online.

myPAT tools, if used properly and regularly, offer students highly crucial assistance for study. These insights help students strategize their study i.e. chapters and topics to study on priority.

Keep checking myPAT blogs for more information on JEE Mains and Advanced and online examinations.

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