Time Management Tips for IIT JEE

Being one of the most competitive undergraduate entrance examinations, JEE Main and JEE Advanced require high dedication and constant efforts. As an aspirant preparing for board exams as well as entrance tests, it is very important to channelise your hard work and efforts. In one of our previous blogs titled ‘How to manage Board and Read more about Time Management Tips for IIT JEE[…]

No more internal assessment: Board exams for Class X

With Board exams being mandated for the class X, a lot of debate has been happening over its ramifications and repercussions on the students. Adding to it, few other changes on the three languages formula in class X have been a cause of unrest among students. Through this article, we will explain how can it Read more about No more internal assessment: Board exams for Class X[…]

Important exams for Engineering aspirants: 2017

As the examination season is nearing, the everyday newspaper is a red alert for students as well as their parents and mentors. Until a decade back, it used to be a tough exercise for the students and their parents to track all the examinations and their application processes. The centralisation of the engineering entrance examinations Read more about Important exams for Engineering aspirants: 2017[…]

All about BITSAT

While privatisation has swept across the education sector in our country, government colleges especially the likes of IITs and IIMs remain unmatched. Even very good deemed universities and private colleges in India are not able to match up to the levels of government funded institutions barring a few exceptions among which BITS is the most Read more about All about BITSAT[…]

KVPY Exam: Format and Preparation

In our previous article, a basic introduction of the KVPY exam was given. The current blog focuses on the KVPY exam and its pattern. As mentioned in the earlier blog, KVPY is conducted separately for students studying in XI, XII, and 1st year of the undergraduate program. KVPY committee The various committees that oversee the Read more about KVPY Exam: Format and Preparation[…]

KVPY Exam: Important Details

A big indicator of any nation’s development and prosperity is the percentage of its funds that it allocates to research and development. In terms of percentage spend on Research and Development, World Bank data elicits that India incurs almost 0.85% which is ranked 6th in the world in terms of total amount and 49th in Read more about KVPY Exam: Important Details[…]

JEE Preparation through online learning

One of the biggest change in the past few years that has seamlessly transformed our lives is the rate of penetration of computers and the internet. Terms like digitisation and online/offline have become a part of the colloquial language. The government is laying high emphasis on digitisation and the internet which has led to rapid Read more about JEE Preparation through online learning[…]

Making the right decision after class 10

Ours is a country that accounts for 2.4% of the world area and 16.9% of the world population. Perhaps, the scarcity of resources and fierce competition for sustenance makes India’s educational setup primitive and grading system hostile making the competition in our country the toughest around the world. Having its own pros and cons, or Read more about Making the right decision after class 10[…]

Essentials of Board Exam Preparation

From ages, the chill of winters is accompanied by anxiety for board aspirants, especially for the class 12th students. Burdened by the pressure of performing in boards as well as in competitive exams, many students succumb to the pressure leading to either being able to perform in either of these exams or none. Performing in Read more about Essentials of Board Exam Preparation[…]