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Tame suggests conditioning of one’s mind according to the standardized examination environment.

To understand TAME let’s consider two students where one is reading 10 books and manages to master 90% of each book. Simultaneously there is another student who reads 3 books completely, i.e. 100%. Who do you think will have more chances of performing better?

The first student hasn’t read all the chapters; hence his concept coverage is less than the student who has read lesser number of books but has command over all the concepts.

Hence, myPAT focuses on concept coverage rather than chapter coverage. If a student aspires to reach the zenith then the preparation must encompass a bit of all the miniscule concepts.

Another example can be where Student 1 attempts 90% of the given questions because he hasn’t read a few concepts ever. Then he would definitely leave few of the questions un-attempted, whereas student 2 manages to answer all the questions. Student 2 has a brighter chance of performing well because there are chances that the concepts Student 1 hasn’t mastered has less difficulty level. So, it’s wise to aim for chapter coverage rather than concept coverage. Success comes to those who know how to harness their skills according to their aspirations.

Success follows you when the gap between the skill-set and ambition is minimal. If one aims too high but the skill-set is dwarfish; success becomes impossible!!!

There are two ways to minimize this gap:

First, lower the expectations in order to decrease the competition and get used to live in mediocrity.

Second, improve your skills and reach the high aim to become successful.

The choice is obvious…

Not failure, but a low aim is the crime!

Hence, we have developed the Concept based test series, which tame the mind and the thought process according to the current expectations of premium academic institutions.